Getting Rid of raccoon

Tips on Getting Rid of Raccoon From Your Campsite

Tips on Getting Rid of Raccoon From Your Campsite

Getting Rid of Raccoon from a campsite can be a bit of a challenge. Raccoons are some of the most troublesome and intelligent animals that you may come across in a camping site. These cute and small creatures may seem harmless, yet they have the capacity to ruin your camping trip – especially if you do not know how to store food and other items properly as you camp with your friends, family or relatives. This brings the importance of learning some basic tips on getting rid of raccoon to avoid unforeseen disappointments.

Why Raccoons Should Be Kept Away

Even before you think about getting rid of raccoon, you need to know why it is necessary to make such a decision. These animals are normally found in wooded areas or water sources such as lakes and streams, and these are some of the most suitable places for camping. Raccoons may be harmless but on the other hand, some of them tend to carry various diseases such as rabies that can be transmitted through bites. They also have a habit of invading foodstuff and shinny items (such as aluminum cans, foil, and dishes) found in campsites. If provoked, raccoons are aggressive and they may attack pets or humans at the camp site.

Getting Rid of Raccoon – How?

The first step in getting rid of raccoon from the campground is by getting rid of things that seem attractive to them. You should ensure that food waste is stored properly in a sealed trash can. It is also good to bear in mind that raccoons are quite intelligent and they can use their paws to open loose lids before exploring the contents of the trash can. You have to ensure that the lid is tightly closed even if it means using an extra piece of rope or a bungee chord. Despite the fact that raccoons have a strong sense of smell, they do not like the scent released by cayenne pepper. It is therefore advisable to distribute cayenne pepper around the border from the campground for added safety. Exactly the same process ought to be repetitive following each and every 2 days if rain down pours within the camp.

An additional efficient concept regarding how to prevent raccoons is by investing in a few motion activated sprinklers. These are very good at deterring cats and dogs. Also, they help in getting rid of raccoon and other related animals. The Havahart Spray Away Elite II Hose-Free Motion Activated Sprinkler Animal Repellent is ideal for a campsite because it doesn’t require a water hose. Read this post on the use of motion activated sprinklers in getting rid of raccoon.

Don’t leave shinny items outdoors when camping given that they tend to appeal to the interest of those creatures from the range. Some shimmering items such as jewellery and cutlery ought to always be kept within the camping tent before bedtime or when exploring the encompassing areas throughout the day. Nevertheless, just in case these animals find their way to your campground, it’s not advisable to contact or trigger them. You may be able to scare them by clapping or producing other kinds of sound as they do not like residing in a noisy atmosphere. These are some of the best strategies for keeping these animals from your campground. You just need to take the time to get ready for the whole camping trip and go ahead and take required safeguards. These tips about getting rid of raccoon from the campground will also help you like your evening and anticipate going to comparable camping journeys later on. Don’t mess with raccoons or try to pet them. They are very crafty and persistent creatures. And, if you’re going campaign, try to find one of these hoseless motion activated sprinklers. If you’re interested in getting rid of raccoon from your backyard, check this out instead.