The Scotts Co. Contech ScareCrow Motion Activated Pest Repellent

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Automatic outdoor animal deterrent. Motion activated sprinkler instantly releases a startling burst of water when it detects an animal. Ideal for use in yards, gardens, and around ponds. Humane, safe, and environmentally friendly; uses only 3 cups of water per activation. Works on a wide range of animals including deer, raccoons, rabbits, cats, squirrels, and more. No chemicals, shocks, or unsightly, costly fences or barriers. Guaranteed effective. Protects up to 1200 square feet


Looking to Get Rid of Raccoons from Your Backyard?

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The Orbit 62100 Yard Enforcer Motion Activated Sprinkler is an effective raccoon deterrent and a raccoon repellent. This motion detector sprinkler solved the problem of raccoons crapping in my pool. Because my yard is big, and raccoons are very persistent critters, I ended up buying a few of them and set up a sprinkler mime field in the backyard. Wherever they surfaced, they got zapped by a powerful burst of water.

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