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How Electric Fencing Kits Work

What is A Fence?

What is electric fencing? A fence is a composition that encloses a location, typically outdoors, and it is usually made of articles that are linked by boards, cable, rails, or netting. A fence differs from a wall membrane in that it is devoid of a solid groundwork along its entire length. An alternative to fencing is to add a ditch (sometimes filled up with water, creating a moat).

Electric Fencing

Electric fencing is used to deter animals, either wild animals or domestic animals, from entering or leaving an area. The electric fencing is created by connecting the fence wire to a charger or electrifier. This charger can be powered by a battery, solar power, or plugged directly into an electrical outlet. The objective of electric fencing is not to kill the animal, just deter him from attempting to cross that barrier again.

Uses of Electric Fencing

Most electric fencing being used today is for agricultural fencing and other kinds of creature control, although they are generally used to improve the security of very sensitive areas, such as armed service installations, prisons, and other security delicate places; places can be found where lethal voltages are employed. However, safe, effective electric fencing kits are used to deter wild animals like raccoons from entering backyards or to keep pets from leaving backyards. see more at wikipedia

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