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Need a Raccoon Deterrent around Your Swimming Pool?

how to repel raccoons

how to repel raccoons from swimming pool area

Raccoon in Pool

In order to reclaim our backyard, we had to figure out an effective way to deter raccoons. For years, we had not been able to use our swimming pool. We live in South Florida. Because of the climate, a swimming pool can be used all year round. You have no idea how frustrating it is to have a swimming pool in the backyard and not be able to use it.

The reason why we couldn’t use the pool is that we needed to invest in some form of wildlife control Our pool was unhealthy because it had been taken over by Raccoons. Every night we had one or more raccoon in the swimming pool. If you are reading this post looking for an effective raccoon deterrent, then keep reading.

raccoon removal

Looking for a raccoon deterrent solution

How to Repel Raccoons from Our Pool

We had a wildlife removal, and specifically, a raccoon removal, problem. How to Repel Raccoons and other Pests from our backyard was a problem that consumed us for quite some time. We investigated pest control services and thought about enlisting the help of one of the local pest control companies.

One of the guys who works for our former landscaping company likes to eat raccoons. We even considered trapping the raccoons as a raccoon deterrent and calling him in to take the critters home for dinner. As fate would have it, we couldn’t reach the landscaper, so we ruled that option out.

Through repeated research and trial and error, we figured out a safe raccoon deterrent which accomplishes pest removal in a humane way. Raccoon removal is one of those home improvement projects that you can do yourself. Here’s a little background to this true story.

Raccoon Problem in Pool

We paid a pool service to come in and maintain the swimming pool. Under normal circumstances, that’s not so bad. They could come in once every couple of weeks, clean the pool, add chemicals, and everything is OK. However, that was not our reality. It became quite expensive after a while. The reason it became so expensive is the same reason why the pool was unhealthy. We had a pest management problem.

If wild animals are contaminating your pool every day, the costs of paying a service to come in every day and sanitize your swimming pool becomes too much to pay.

Wildlife Animal Control

There’s some sort of animal sanctuary nearby.  It’s not an official wildlife preserve. Rather, it’s really an eccentric couple who keep their property like a wilderness or wildlife shelter. Now, under normal circumstances, I respect people’s right to do with their property as they please. However, when the nuisance wildlife they protect stray into our backyard on a daily basis, interfere with our garbage can, and wreak havoc, then it becomes a raccoon deterrent problem which has to be resolved.

We’ve had an occasional python in the yard. I don’t mean a small python. I am talking about quite a large snake that belonged to the guy’s son. That completely freaked me out. We’re not quite sure what happened, but that python has vanished. Good riddance.

Raccoon Lawn Damage

Now, the real nuisance was not the snake. It was the raccoons. There were lots of them. It seemed like an extended raccoon family because they are too many to make up just one raccoon family. In general, the raccoons digging up lawn grass is a very common occurrence. When thinking about a raccoon deterrent or how to keep raccoons away from your yard, there is one interesting question worth exploring.

What Do Raccoons Eat?

That question is, what do raccoons eat. For a farmer, the more specific question might be, do raccoons eat chickens. The answer is yes. Raccoons eat chickens and the eggs, too. Below, you can explore a type of fence that will help you to answer the question, how to keep raccoons away from chickens. For everyone other than the chicken farmer who wants to know what do raccoons eat, the simple answer is that raccoons eat bugs. They like a particular bug call grubs.

Raccoons Digging Up Lawn

Many homeowners research the question of how to repel raccoons because of grubs. Grubs eat your lawn grass from beneath the roots. That’s why the raccoons are digging up your lawn. They are looking for bugs to eat. Raccoons dig up lawns all night long looking for grubs. So, if you’re reading this post trying to figure out how to stop raccoons from digging up your lawn, and you didn’t know before why they are doing it, now you know why. If digging up or lawn was all the raccoons did, we could survive that. But these critters did more. They effectively controlled our backyard at night. It was so intense for so long that we just couldn’t enjoy the backyard. Most importantly, we couldn’t enjoy the pool. Finding a raccoon deterrent or a way to repel raccoons from our yard became a priority for us.

Raccoon Removal from The Swimming Pool

how to repel raccoons

How to Repel Raccoons from your Swimming Pool

That gets me back to the raccoon contamination problem. It’s bad enough not being able to swim in your pool because nuisance wildlife are swimming in it all night long. These nuisance animals carry diseases. That’s one problem. The raccoons swimming in the pool meant that we couldn’t swim in the pool. That’s problem number two. But problem number three is what effectively kept us from using our pool for years. That’s right, I said years.

Raccoon Poop in Swimming Pool

Why? Because, in addition to swimming in the pool as if it were their own, these raccoons would poop in the pool each and every night. Now, there’s no amount of cleaning and chemicals that would make you feel comfortable swimming in a pool that’s being used as a bathroom by wild animals. We tried all of the remedies for wildlife control and animal control mentioned on every website on the internet.

How to Repel Raccoons with Motion Sprinklers

For quite a while, the most promising raccoon deterrent we used was motion sprinklers. We invested in motion activated sprinklers as a way to keep raccoons away. And, I have to say, the motion sprinklers did work. Motion activated sprinklers do provide natural pest control and are a raccoon deterrent.

However, we have a very big yard. And, because raccoons are such persistent and determined creatures, eventually, they were able to penetrate the fence in an area where the sprinklers didn’t reach. The sprinklers are great for critter control in small to medium-sized yards.

For larger yards, the key to natural pest management is to buy enough sprinklers to effectively cover all access points to the yard – including anticipating where the raccoons might climb over or dig under the fence. However, with motion sensor sprinklers as with other raccoon control measures, you have to keep at it.

1 Sure Way How to Get Rid of Raccoons

An Electric Dog Fence as a Raccoon Deterrent

Because of the size of the yard, we decided to try an electric dog fence as a raccoon deterrent. Now, don’t freak out. I’m not talking about electrocuting anyone or electrocuting animals. The electric dog fence emits a shock that’s just enough to send a message to the raccoon, or a dog, or cat, or any animal seeking to penetrate (or, in the case of your own dog, leave) your yard. It won’t harm them.

However, after getting shocked once, no animal wants to try it again. We now have almost two solid years of proof that an electric dog fence is an ironclad way to keep away a scary raccoon family.

Below, I give a very detailed explanation of how to set up an electric fence as a safe way to deter raccoons from your back yard or property.

Zareba Electric Fence

If you want to keep other small animals or raccoons away from your house, then a pet safe electric fence kit is worth your consideration. Little annoying pests such as rabbits, squirrels, skunks, and raccoons can pose a large threat to your garden.

The Electric Fence kit by Zareba is an electric fence unit that will prevent virtually any kind of raccoon like animal from entering your property just before it can wreck all of your hard work. An electric fence  unit like the Zareba Electric Fence is definitely an ironclad, tested, and viable way to stop raccoons. There are a couple of other garden electric fence kits which work just as well as the Zareba. If you are reading this post desperately trying to figure out how to repel raccoons, then an electric fence like the Zareba Electric Fence or even an electric dog fence is a very small investment that will bring you peace of mind.

Havahart SS-750RPX AC-Powered Electric Fence Kit

The Fi-Shock Havahart Electric Fence Kit for Pets and Small Animals 1-Mile Range is  an electric dog fence that I know for a fact works very well.

electric dog fence

Fi-Shock Havahart Electric Dog Fence Kit for Pets and Small Animals and raccoon deterrent – 1-Mile Range

TRU TEST 820963 Pet/Garden Fence Kit

Also, the TRU TEST 820963 Pet/Garden Fence Kit is another electric fencing system which works equally well for pets as well as small nuisance animals like raccoons.

electric dog fence - raccoon deterrent

TRU TEST 820963 Pet/Garden Electric Dog Fence Kit

Depending on your needs, you can figure out how to repel raccoons with either of these electric dog fence models. If you have an available supply of electric power in your backyard, then get the AC powered module. That’s the one that plugs into an outlet. If not, then a battery-powered or a solar-powered kit is just as effective. I explain more about these different power options below. Make sure that you read the section about how to protect your AC powered kit from the rain. You can find everything you need here.

Electric Fence – Solar, Battery or AC Powered

This innovative electric powered fence is definitely worth the investment. You have options when it comes to power sources.

The power supply or charger is the backbone of the electric fence or electric dog fence system. Simply put, the charger powers the system. It provides the electric energy that moves through the fence wire.

Fence Chargers come with different ranges and power capacities. You can explore different options depending on the amount of territory you want to protect. The factors to consider are as follows:

  • The distance of the fence (variety of wires)
  • Whether you want an AC, DC or Solar power source
  • And what kind of pest you want to manage – keep a pet in or a wild animal or domestic animal out

The Three Types of Chargers

As mentioned, the three main types of electric fence chargers are AC-Powered, Battery-Operated, and Solar-Powered. Each fence charger type is tailored for specific conditions of use.

Click on the links below and explore the features, specifications, and reviews for each charger type. Obviously, you don’t want to select a high powered charger meant for a bear or such animal to deter raccoons.

One option is battery power.

raccoon removal

Zareba EDC15M-Z 15-Mile Battery Operated Low Impedance Fence Charger

A second option is solar power.

raccoon removal

Zareba ESP3M-Z 3-Mile Solar Low Impedance Charger

And the other is an AC power adaptor that plugs into the wall.

electric fence

Zareba EAC25M-Z AC-Powered Low-Impedance 25-Mile-Range Charger

Either option provides the pet or pest with a soft zap if it attempts to break the perimeter. At the same time, this jolt of electricity has such an impact on the animal that he never wants to come back for seconds.

You can also utilize the Zareba electric garden fence as a training tool to instruct your pet, kitty or other four-legged family pet to remain out of your yard. But most importantly for the purpose of this post, these electric fences are a good raccoon deterrent from your property. They effectively keep raccoons away without harming them.

Electronic Equipment Enclosure Box

electric fence

Electronic Equipment Enclosure Box

As I said above, we live in Florida. It rains a lot. For the sake of safety and protecting the equipment, I enclosed my charger in a protective housing. I strongly recommend that you do the same and keep the electric fence charger shielded from the elements by keeping it mainly inside a garage or shed or attaching it to the wall inside an electronic Equipment Enclosure Box. Such a box (plastic or metal) will keep your charger shielded from dampness and rain.

Electric Fence Charger Setup

One package comes with enough wire to cover a 625-square-foot area (25 feet x 25 feet) working with one strand. More strands are desired based on what pet you want to restrain or get rid of. In my setup for raccoons, I used two strands of wire. The lower one is about 4 to 6 inches off the ground. The top one is another 5 or 6 inches above the bottom one.

These two strands ensure that if the animal wants to go either lower or higher, it will be met with an electric shock. Either way, the charger is powerful enough that with the addition of even more kits or extra rolls of wire, you can extend the charger’s range to one mile.

electric fence

Field Guardian 16-Guage Aluminum Wire, 1/4 Miles

Key Features and Benefits of AC Garden Protector Electric Fence Kit
  • Humane pest control solution that can be used with family pets
  • Flexible solution that can be conformed to fit the unique shape of your garden
  • Kit comes with charger, wire fencing, posts that provide easy wire attachment via clips, and ground rod
  • Charger can be plugged into any standard 110V outlet – no batteries required
  • Fast and easy installation
  • Little routine maintenance  necessary
  • One year warranty
Electric Fence Control Animals Through Conditioning

It’s called stimulus and response. In the event that you had the misfortune of sticking your finger into a power outlet as a kid accidentally, the knowledge conditioned you never to repeat that behavior again. The electric fence for backyards applies the same process for deterring small pets. The electric shock the animal receives when touching the fence is harmless.

However,  just as a kid learns not to put his finger into an electrical outlet, a raccoon or other animal learns never to go near that fence again. Because of this, an electric garden fence serves as a highly effective psychological and physical barrier. Again, this I can personally attest to because I have had one in my backyard for almost three years now.

How to Deter Raccoons with Zareba Fence

You, too, can maintain your garden free from uninvited pests with the Zareba Electric Fencing AC Garden Protector Package. This company is the biggest producer of electrically powered fencing technology. Zareba supplies rugged, highly regarded, electrically powered fence equipment for all sorts of wild animal and pet fencing requirements, including raccoon removal. This includes a special emphasis, in particular, on electric fencing for garden security.

electric dog fence

These Zareba electric fencing system provides solid, practical, affordable and reliable pest management. The Zareba Electric Fence is good for getting rid of raccoons, skunks, and other pests.

Zareba Electric Fence

Zareba Electric Fence – KGPAC-Z AC Garden Protector AC-Powered Kit for Raccoon Removal

It had been almost three years since I installed that electric dog fence. I installed it in December of 2016. I wrote this in December of 2017.  I updated it in October 2018 and again in September 2019. For the last three years, we have been able to use our pool.

Not one single raccoon, or any other animal, has penetrated that perimeter. I remember the night the raccoons tried to breach the Zareba Electric Fence. It was shortly after I put the electric dog fence up. I was sitting in the family room looking through the window waiting to see what would happen.

Electric Fence Shock Raccoons

After receiving that first shock, the raccoons backed up. They were confused as they experienced a sensation not felt before. What became clear is that the raccoons didn’t want to feel that sensation again.

Furthermore, they must have found a way to instruct the others. I know that because none of the other raccoons or any nuisance wildlife have gone near that electric fence since that time. Now, how do I know that? Well, I mentioned that we had a very large yard. I decided not to protect the entire yard.

what do raccoons eat

Do Raccoons Eat Chickens? Electric Poultry Fence – Keep out deer, bear, raccoons, rabbits, foxes, coyotes, stray dogs and skunks.

raccoon removal

Premier Solar IntelliShock 60 Fence Energizer Kit – Includes 5-Light Wireless Fence Tester

raccoon removal

Electric Fence Works for Large or Small Yards

The charger that electrifies the fence has a range of a mile. So, I could have run the wire all around the entire yard and permanently keep the raccoons and all animals completely out of the yard. If that is your goal, then you can look at one of these as shown above. Or, you can use a smaller electric fence like the one referenced below and buy extra wire and connect it to the fence.

My goal was how to keep the raccoons away from the pool area. So, I only enclosed the deck with the fence wire. That way, the raccoons still come into the yard at night to dig for insects, but they no longer venture anywhere even close to our pool. Mission accomplished.

The electric dog fence effectively and permanently provided animal control and pest control. It solved our raccoon problem. It did so without hurting the raccoons, the possums, the cats, squirrels, or dogs.

Electric Fence Installation

The electric fence wire was very easy to install.  The electric fence installation only took me about a half hour. I read the enclosed manual, put the included plastic stakes in the ground – spaced about four to five feet apart, and then I ran the electric fence wire through collar pins around the perimeter of the pool and plugged those pins into the plastic stakes.

Wild Animal Control

I ran two levels of electric wire for dogs, an upper, and a lower level. The reason for that is to ensure that no dogs, raccoons or other garden pests could go under or over the fence. I bought some very small red flags and planted them in the soil very close to the fence wire. That way, anyone in the backyard who approached the pool area would be reminded to look for the fence.

Thanks to our electric fence raccoon deterrent, we no longer have a raccoon problem.

We are confident that this solution will resolve your raccoon problem, as it did ours. After you buy your electric fence kit, and raccoons are no longer invading your pool, please leave a review on Amazon or wherever you you bought your electric fence kit crediting this blog as the source of your solution. Doing so will help others who are searching for a safe raccoon deterrent solution.