Aspectek Predator Eye Nighttime Solar Powered Animal Repeller – 2 Pack, Waterproof, Deterrent Light Nocturnal Animals. Protects & safeguards your home, field, livestock.

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About the Product
The Predator Eye by Aspectek protects property, including livestock, from nighttime pests like as coyotes, raccoon, skunks, foxes, wolves, deer, cougars, and even cats. Solar-charged during the day, the battery will last for as long as 7 days on a single charge. The flashing red light and reflective icon will be seen as an “eye” to the pest. The fear of being watched or discovered will cause animals to flee or avoid the area.

Placement & Storage
The Predator Eye is sold in a pack of 2 for extra effectiveness. Mount the device at the eye level of the pest you want to repel, facing the entryways to the area you want to protect. You will need to mount it higher if facing a valley, or lower if facing a hill.

Two Predator Eyes included in the package allow for complex coverage of an area. If the area is flat, the light will travel a greater range, which means the Predator Eyes can be placed further apart. Use multiple devices to protect more sides of the perimeter.

The Predator Eye is completely waterproof and does not need to be stored during the winter or off-season, simply leave your Predator Eye mounted or use it for another application. Fully automatic operation, the light sensor turns the device on at dusk and off at daylight.

It has been reported back by a couple of Predator Eye users that neighbors and friends have asked them about their “new security system”, as the flashing red lights have some people believe the Predator Eye is a surveillance system, something that criminals may also believe. A constant flash of light to all animals that hunt or feed at night that they have been “discovered” or are being watched. A small investment in the Predator Eye will bring big returns for pest animal control AND home safety.

Solar battery charges during the day to protect your property and livestock from unwanted night-time pests such as coyotes, raccoons, skunks, foxes, wolves, deer, cougars, and cats

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