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Arlo Home Security Flood Light Camera

Home Security Flood Light Camera

Arlo’s Flood Light Camera is a Home Security Camera which Lets You Turn on the Daylight in Your Backyard, With No Wiring Required. This motion activated security camera gives you a wide 160 degree field of view. It also comes equipped with two-way audio and allows for customizing of lighting configurations to enhance security.

Scare Away Raccoons with Bright Flood Light Camera

Home Security camera manufacturer Arlo used the spotlight of the CES consumer tech show to unveil a seriously steroidal floodlight for the security-conscious. The Arlo Pro 3 Flood light Camera includes a built-in, curved LED panel that can deliver between 2,000 and 3,000 lumens on prowlers and raccoons, should they trip the motion detector that activates the light.

The variance in output depends on whether you’re on battery power (2,000 lumens) or hard-wired to your home’s electrical system (3,000 lumens). One of the strengths of Arlo’s rechargeable systems is that the flood light camera can be mounted anywhere without requiring drilling into your siding, and are thus easily relocated, as well. It’s a nice bit of versatility to be able to have it either way, depending on you needs and your willingness to get your hands dirty with wiring.

Home Security Camera with Night Vision

The flood light camera itself includes 2K video with HDR, a built-in siren in case the light isn’t startling enough, and two-way audio. This will startle intruders as well as raccoons. Also similar to its other models, the floodlight camera can offer color night vision, can be fine-tuned in its responsiveness to movement, and it includes an ambient light sensor that allows you to program the light to only be triggered if it’s appropriately dark outside. (It won’t be flicking on and off in the middle of the day, when it’s useless.)

flood light camera

To make full use of the motion activated home security floodlight camera, you can activate the Arlo subscription service.  At only $2.99 per month, this monitoring service is as affordable as far as such services go. With that system in place, you can get customizable alerts and cloud storage for 30 days of continuous video recording. If you don’t opt for the subscription, the Arlo base station will store the video locally.

Ultimately, the real usefulness of this system will depend on how bright and uniform the lighting is. It has the potential to be an excellent enhancement, as typical security-cam spotlights never quite do a good enough job of improving clarity and the “legibility” of a scene captured at night. This home security camera is currently available for $249.