Non-Toxic Pest Repellent Pellets. Repels Rabbits, Rats, Snakes, Mice, Flea and Ticks, Spiders, Fire Ants and More. Safe for Children, Pets and Plants. (1.25 LBS)

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Pest repellent combines the time-tested method of essential oils with a patented encapsulation process that negatively charges the pellets to create a solution for deterring pests that is highly effective, long-lasting and safe. Because of our non-toxic formula using no harsh chemicals, repellents can be used indoors or outdoors. How does repellents work? Through a patented encapsulation process, a negative charge is attached to the diatomaceous earth granules that become our pellets. Pests, who are positively charged, are naturally deterred by the negatively charged pellets. Combining the negative charge with the use of essential oils provides a much stronger, long lasting, natural repellent. Additionally, when pests are deterred, they give off a warning pheromone that alerts other animals of danger and will keep them away as well. Directions: spread evenly on areas of your yard of up to 150 square feet. Repellents will remain effective for up to one year in any weather or temperature conditions to deter fire ants, spiders, snakes, fleas, ticks, rats, rabbits, deer, mice and other pests. Click the add to cart button now and help protect your home today; buy two, save 20%! apply code slapjack at checkout.★ NATURAL REPELLENT – Naturally deters fleas and ticks, fire ants, rodents, snakes, spiders, rabbits and more. No harsh or toxic chemicals.


Looking to Get Rid of Raccoons from Your Backyard?

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The Orbit 62100 Yard Enforcer Motion Activated Sprinkler is an effective raccoon deterrent and a raccoon repellent. This motion detector sprinkler solved the problem of raccoons crapping in my pool. Because my yard is big, and raccoons are very persistent critters, I ended up buying a few of them and set up a sprinkler mime field in the backyard. Wherever they surfaced, they got zapped by a powerful burst of water.

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